In this TGCW22 session, Rebecca McLaughlin teaches on how the apostle Peter offers hope to those feeling hopeless in today’s world, by reminding us of our living hope—Jesus Christ.

McLaughlin explains that hope in Christ always runs to Jesus, breeds holiness, requires ransom, and springs eternal. She emphasizes the importance of setting our hope fully on the grace that will come at the revelation of Jesus, not on earthly things like careers, marriage, or children.

By fixing our eyes on Jesus and hoping in him alone, we can live an increasingly obedient life. McLaughlin reminds us that without Jesus, all life is meaningless. In Christ, we have hope and a purpose.

Editors’ note: 

Rebecca McLaughlin will lead a microevent on “Jesus Through the Eyes of Women” at TGC’s 2023 Conference, September 2527, in Indianapolis. You can browse the complete list of topics and speakers. Register soon; price increases May 11.