In this episode of As In Heaven, Jim Davis, Mike Aitcheson, Michael Graham, and Skyler Flowers give a preview of the third season of the podcast, which focuses on dechurching in America. 

The hosts define key terms used throughout the season and discuss who the decurched are, how we can help, and where we’re headed as the church in America.

The bad news is bad—roughly 40 million people have left the church over 30 years. But the good news is good—there’s something we can do as the body of Christ to bring people back and love them in a gospel-centered way. 

Episode time stamps:

  • Introduction to the show and hosts (00:00)
  • Overview of the season topic and episodes (3:40)
  • Michael Graham’s favorite episodes (5:16)
  • Mike Aitcheson’s favorite episodes (5:56)
  • Skyler Flowers’s favorite episodes (7:58)
  • Jim’s favorite episodes (9:38)
  • Invitation to the next episode with Ryan Burge (11:32)
Editors’ note: 

This episode is part of As In Heaven’s third season, devoted to The Great Dechurching—the largest and fastest religious shift in US history. To learn more about the phenomenon on which the episodes of this season are based, pre-order The Great Dechurching by Michael Graham and Jim Davis.